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Using the generic Shenzhen LC Technology board.

A neat board with pins for everything

This site has data

Aliexpress has the boards for £4.39
Search EBay for - STM32F103C8T6
Mine cost £4.02 from here

At 5.2 x 3.5 cm it is small enough for a portable device and you could easily make a shield to plug over it.
There is no on board LED connected to a pin so I tested it with an external LED.
The blink program cycles from about 40 to 70 mA
(As delivered mine had no jumpers on boot0 and boot1)

My backup copy of the board schematic below is here
and a full chip data sheet is here

I added a boot0 switch as below. The left red wire goes to a +3V pin. The right black wire goes to an earthed pin.
The switch is shorting the boot0 pin to earth (blue to black) - this is the normal run mode.

The P2 jumper is connecting USB pin3 and PA12/USBDP to +3V

This flashes the blue LED and sends data on the serial line used for programming

Blink the blue LED and send a message on PA9 serial port

void setup() {
// Set up the blue LED on PC13 as an output:
pinMode(PC13, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(PC13, HIGH); // set the LED off
digitalWrite(PC13, LOW); // set the LED on

Serial.println("Hello from Shenzhen board");

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STM32 Index Page