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"Distro" - backup of my current file system for Bifferboard

A set of files can be found here that can be used to create a ready-made Bifferboard system for the control of external devices

the readme.txt file

Biff1.3_Sunspot_090424 Distro

This is an experimental "distro" of a file-system for the Bifferboard aimed at "external hardware" control applications.

The serial port has been modified so that it only sends and receives when you want it to
- so you can send and receive individual characters to an external PIC micro or similar.
Kernel processes do not talk to the rs232 port

Burn Biff1.3_Sunspot_090421.bzImage to the board as per Bifferos instructions

Decompress Biff1.3_Sunspot_090424.tar.gz to find the files to place on the memory stick

The memory stick root_fs contains -

ssh - with a raw OpenWrt system you start with ftp then move to ssh with a password
(I think this fileset will start up as ssh (user - root, password - root))

secure ftp (user root, password root)

samba (user root, password root)

madplay for *short* mp3 files
madplay soundfile.mp3

flite for text-to-speech
flite -t "hello world" - it sounds like this

M-JPEG streamer for UVC webcams (I use Logitech Quickcam 9000 HD camera)
To serve the pictures on the web do
mjpg_streamer -i " -r 960x720" -o " -p 8080 -w /webcam_www"
in Firefox see website at

"text editing for the rest of us"

gpio control

use aplay to play the wav files in /data

i2c line driver - see

Test from web page - go to with a browser
(or where you have reset the address of the board)

Uncompress files_to_modify.tar.gz to see the files that need to be modified for your own LAN


Please email me if you get these files to run

If you find this useful exchange ideas with me at
Sunspot 24 April 09