The "Mark 1 Swiss Army Knife"

This new file structure for the USB memory stick
offers web pages containing forms that,
when filled in with the string of your choice,
send that string out through the terminal RS232 port at 115200 Baud

Many thanks to Jeroen Domburg and the author of the new files in the USB memory stick (an email contact of mine who wishes to remain anonymous on the internet)

You need both of these files :-

Click here to download the original J Domburg firmware for the Sweex from this site (or here from the Domburg site)

Click here to download the new file structure for the USB memory stick.

The method of loading both is identical to the instructions given by J Domburg.

When I added this -

<a href="index.cgi?page=rs232send&amp;string=harold">harold</a> <br>

to the file -


I could send the string "harold" out of the RS232 port.

I have only just started to play with this. Please send me any tips or join the debate

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