How to send files from PC or Mac to a live Sweex/Edimax router
(no need to remove the USB memory stick and plug it into your PC)

If you are new to Linux (like me) you will not be aware that you do not need FTP to send files from a PC to the Sweex/Edimax router

You use the Linux command wget

You must first set up a working web site on your PC that can be seen by other PCs (and the Sweex) on your LAN
Beware the firewall on yout PC - test from another PC first!

The best webserver for a PC is XAMPP from here that helps you run the Apache web server
(I could never get Apache to run till I found this!)

(actually I use a Mac for most things and Apache on a Mac is even easier
- as of course you knew but would never admit in public)

Open a terminal window on your PC or Mac
(On a PC Internet Explorer will open Hyper Terminal for you)

type something similar to -
( is the URL of the Sweex on my LAN)


and password

navigate to the folder on the Sweex where you wish to place the file
(suppose it is start.html in your Sweex website)

cd /var/www/rs232ws

and then type
(This is the network path in the live website on your PC/Mac
to the file that you want to send to the Sweex)

If you type
ls -l

you will see the new file but it will not have sufficient permissions so type
chmod 755 start.html

if you type
cat start.html

you will see the content of the file in the terminal window.

That's it!