Solar water heater
- displaying data on a web page
- make a menu to see the archived data

The second day was one of late autumn sunshine, here is the actual web page

make_page.bas saves new data and rebuilds the page every 2 minutes
so the web page also refreshes for as long as the browser views it using
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="100" > in the header

- select "View source" to see "Canvas" in action - some browsers (IE?) have trouble with Canvas

Note - you can use ' instead of " in web pages - useful in Blassic statements like PRINT " web page content of some sort"

To see the archive I first go to

This builds a web page from webpage_top.html . . . . . . . . webpage_bottom.html

It looks like this

clicking on a link opens and sends it string1 which then opens choose_the_plot.bas and sends it string1 as an argument

choose_the_plot.bas works out the file name for today or yesterday and sets up a web page that hops directly to the archived web page
using the meta http-equiv='refresh' content= command in the header

(NB I added .txt to the file names above for easier viewing)

Now as an altenative menu I use a frame set to keep the menu separate from the data display

also using

Sunspot Home