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Note! - I have learned a great deal about electronics and in particular Linux in small router boxes etc by copying the published work of other enthusiasts.
So this is my attempt to "give something back" - especially aimed at helping novice users like me.
These are my project notes. They are mainly here for backup purposes and to aid my memory but if you find them useful please email me


1) Aviosys IP 9100 video server - how to place pictures on a webpage

2) How to use Visual Basic to view the pictures in the Aviosys IP9x00 and set channels in the IP9100

3) Investigating the Linux based Sweex Broadband Router

4) "Tele-presence" project - Adding a PIC 18F877A to the Sweex Broadband Router

5) Experiments with the Linksys NSLU2 (The Slug)

6) Experiments with an O2 Joggler

7) Aviosys 9203 stepper motor - control by Linux

8) Publish the home web server dynamic IP address

9) Byvac BV4213 used to convert an old scanner into a linear camera mover

10) Electric fence monitor

11) Weather station on nslu2

12) RFID Chicken name detector for nest box - with nslu2 and Joggler

13) Solar Hot water system - plotting to a web page

14) Photovoltaic power generation - plotting to a web page

15) Timelapse of webcam pictures using javascript slideshow

16) Powered Chicken Hatch with Remote Control

Please email me if this interests you


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